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Covering Up


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Building a Coop

A work in progress. More pics.

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Palantir Install

22 planter boxes and benches are installed at the new roof garden at Palantir software in Palo Alto.  Whew!  The garden was beautifully designed by Star Apple Edible Gardening.   More photos.

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How much do cats kill?

Do you own a cat, and find little corpses in the garden from time to time? The Oatmeal explains why. A must-read for cat owners. How much do cats actually kill?

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3-bin is a media star!

Our 3-Bin Open Composter was a big hit at Star Apple Edible Garden’s exhibit at the 2012 San Francisco Flower & Garden Show. Tricia from came by with tv host Joe Lamp’l, and when they saw our system, they

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Composting with the Dirt Diva

Need general info on composting? You can’t go wrong with Annie at Dirt Diva.

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