Box Containers

We build wooden boxes for all sorts of uses.  Two versions are shown.  The photo to the right shows a container with a removable top; it is designed to hold a single brown grocery bag.  I use these for recycling bottles and cans.  The container with the dog food bag has a hinged top and is used for, er, dog food.  The point is that we can build any box for any need!

Brown bag container dimensions:

  • length: 13.5 in
  • width: 8.25 in
  • height: 23.5 in

Price of brown bag container as shown:  $39
Plus shipping.

Dog food container dimensions:

  • length: 20 in
  • width: 12 in
  •  height: 31.5 in

Price of dog food container as shown:  $59
Plus shipping.

Open Brown Bag Containers