Chicken Coops

Chicken Coop Annex

Chicken Coop Annex

We have seventeen chickens in our backyard, and we’ve learned much over the years about how to keep them happy and safe. And living in style, or course! While our custom-built coops are designed to optimize your space and be highly functional, we take pride in making them exceptionally nice to look at. Coops are among the largest objects in your yard, and elegant design is a must.

Top right is our coop annex, built to accommodate four new arrivals. It’s part of a Rube Goldberg-esque complex that’s grown organically over the years. The annex features stilts to deal with uneven ground and a chicken tunnel to provide safe access back and forth to the mother ship. Pictured in the middle is the popular Lafayette design, a coop that fits most backyards and four to five hens. At bottom is our larger Alameda Design, with separate roosting and nesting areas and several extra features.

We’ll custom-build a coop that is just right for you.

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