3-Bin Mt Diablo Compost System

The composter in the photo is 12ft x 4ft x 4ft (specs).  It is designed for maximum exposure to soil and lots of air circulation for efficient decomposition.  Removable sides and front panels make for easy turning, transitioning, and removal of compost. Features include:

  • FSC-certified rough-cut redwood
  • Removable sliding side panels (4)
  • Side panels use 1 inch square black PVC-coated 14g galvanized steel wire cloth
  • Removable front panels
  • Several options for tops — closed (as in photo), wire cloth, slats
  • Optional “top prop” for easy everyday use

The scale model in the photos below show how the system works. Specs Price: The 3-bin system in the photo is $3,700 Note: the price of these varies a lot with design and materials (including delivery and installation) These are custom-built for you. Pleaseask for an estimate